Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Check out my Deviantart.(for some archived work)
And my Carbonmade. (for my rough sketches)

Knee deep in work, classes are keeping me very busy.
But good news! starting in December I'll be showing with: 
Eric Tonzola, Quin McNickel, and Owen Bradley @ Annex 24 Gallery in Lancaster PA

I'll try and get some decent photos of the new work going up before the show.
No promises though, on top of all this I've started work on an ultra super secret side project.
in the meantime...
Heres some animation work I've been doing


  1. Andy,

    Great to see you today. I added you on my blogspot. Now I can see what you're creating. Look'n real good. Really impressive.

    I liked your animation video.

    Keep posting!

    Till again, Wayne