Monday, February 22, 2010

Niatpac Onhcet Squinted through his only open eye and glanced around the room slowly.  Nothing returned his sweeping gaze and turned down the emulov on the ships main speaker.

            “won erehw erew ew?”

            “Eht Hsif Yllej” several of them said quietly

            “AH yes!” said Onhcet…” Eht Hsif Yllej”





Those still living in the area couldn’t really complain though, they knew this was coming for quite some time now.  Afterall how could you not, the jelly fish had filled up 2/3 thirds of the sky.  Through its thick translucent skin the light weakly shone down in a sickening yellow-pink.  The explosions could be heard echoing off the jungle walls for weeks prior.

Not a one of them understood it, unlike the so many other jelly fish in the region this one didn’t conduct a single zlit of electricity and instead turned everything it touched into incredibly delicious jelly. On top of all that this jelly fish was at least a million times larger than its apparent kin.  The long tendrils hung down sparsely like some kind of membrane forest swinging this way and that wreaking jelloy havoc.

The towns people had adapted in very curious ways.  Most of them had packed up and left after the first few sightings of jellosions.  Those that remained had become crazed and wild feeding off the beasts produce day and night in a constant euphoric suger high.  Still yet the beast it seemed had unknowingly gathered quite a following while on its trek over the land.  All manner of creatures could be seen some so wild and exotic it almost seemed dream like.

The buzz of alien tounges hung thick on the pastel air.  The occasional ploosh would ring out and the eccentric assortment would run from all over to see what it was that had next turned into jelly, and upon finding the source quickly devour it before the others could arrive.  These feeding hot-spots were often extremely dangerous and jelly usually wasn’t the only thing on the menu.

            The great jelly made no real sounds or change of course for that matter, it just drifted slowly in always the same direction like a sailboat without wind.  The physical appearance of the creature didn’t seem any different than its much smaller versions and save for the tattoos and piercings seemed to just be a freak in size.  Perhaps at one point the beast had remained unmarked but whatever its mission the constant addition of new body art was not slowing it down.  Regardless of this fact several crews quite large in number had somehow managed to get atop the thing and were hell bent on drawing all over the translucent sky. 

One in particular had marked out a small section and painted a new sky each day as beautiful and original as the sky above the fish.  Most days if you couldn’t see the artist working it was easy to assume the jelly had a hole cut in it and the real sky was shining through.

There were many theories in circulation as to just how it was the monster went about converting all forms of matter into gelatin, but most just agreed it was because the beast liked them better this way and was just having a good time.  No one really did get upset or blame the beast it simply seemed to be doing what it felt like doing.  Quite the contrary in fact many of the people took this idea to heart and after leaving their jelly infested towns went on to do great and successful things.  In fact the whole world at the time of the Jelly Fish waltz was really quite a happy place.  As if every living organism laughed and shook it’s head saying…


“Wow what a crazy place we live in” finished eht Niatpac


The crew was used to the captains taller tales and some would even attest to the yarns he spun saying they were they alongside him or aye I seen it with me own eyes.  Regardless of this I advise you if you ever hear a ploosh far off in the distance don’t forget the captains words.  Because he may just be telling the truth this time.

aha ignore the typos. ill upload the cover of this short story sometime next week.

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