Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Some work for illustration and digital.

bleh been so busy.
http://www.reverbnation.com/snsrdspnsr new snsr up check em out.

Coming in may looking forward to the splinter show, over 20 artists, a strike-force of photographers  and one very skilled videoographer all working together to make this pop-up show one that wont soon be forgotten.

Im also showing at the square one coffee shop the same month.  so wish me luck.

Looking forward to summer, think I got a job helping out the crew in studio B in Boyerstown.
kind of a nerve racking transition but one that should really help pave the way to what I want to do.  
School is killing me atm, though my projects have been getting better and better my grades are getting lower and lower.  psh these teachers have no sense of style.

ok whew thats all for now. 
Ill post up the link to the splinter page when its rdy, and check back to the SNSR page new updates coming.

take care

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