Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The big room blues


                              W.i.p, to be water-colored. 
                           done during the scranton comic con. 


   So new wallpaper prints are coming out.
  Click em big to enjoy.


 and Artmobile sidewalk sale/ fathers-day turtle extravaganza! 
  (sorry took so long to upload those pics : ? )

  So in other news work is good, get my first check next wed. 
Been traveling a bit to conventions with the art corner guys.  
         Met some wicked cool people including CP wilson the 3rd 
         stuffs good back in Lancanster at the studio.  Working on a space upgrade.
We (the Splinter collective) booked our next show @ the Stahr Armory.
       and I just got these fresh ones from the Snsr lab last night.

  So yah not much else, driving to B town with Doc jones in T minus.

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  1. Neat. I heard about your surprise during your teaching experience. You were suppose to teach 5th graders, but instead you had a group of 5 year olds....I hear you played it well and change the whole lesson to accommodate them. Way to go!!! I bet they had a blast!